Context of the Equalities and Diversity Action Plan

The context of this Action Plan is:

CILIP’s long term commitment to review our approach and work on equalities

  • The Ethics Committee was given responsibility for overseeing this work in the new governance structure (2014) and the CILIP Board has had a workshop on the issue of diversity.
  • The CILIP Action Plan (2016) includes the following goal: “To put information and library skills and professional values at the heart of a democratic, equal and prosperous society”
  • The  Action Plan also has equality and diversity as one of the enablers of the priorities in the Plan
  • Championing Diversity and Equality is also one of the action lines of the Workforce Development priority in the Action Plan;

The Workforce Survey (2015) – This indicated some big challenges that need to be addressed, including women under-represented in senior management  and earning less than men; a lack of ethnic diversity within the workforce; and an aging workforce;

An equalities self-audit of the CILIP Action Plan (2017) that concluded that 50% of our current work (as set out in our Annual Delivery Plan) hasn’t been considered in terms of equalities, diversity or inclusion and only 3 of our current work programmes (6%)  includes both action and a commitment to equalities and diversity and some means of evaluating the impact of this commitment;

The recent challenge to CILIP in regard to the Carnegie and Greenaway awards on grounds of diversity and equality.

Supporting slides (a full presentation and a summary) are below.