CILIP Leadership Programme

The CILIP Leadership Programme is a new programme piloted in 2015-16. It has been designed to create additional leadership capacity both within the profession and within the CILIP membership. The programme concluded in July 2016 and is currently being evaluated.

Who is it for?

The CILIP Leadership Programme is for CILIP members with some leadership experience (e.g. leading a project/working group, leading a team) looking to further develop their leadership skills. 

The programme is targeted at mid-career professionals and is of most benefit to those with some leadership experience, looking to build on this for future. 

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the programme, participants will be able to:

  • Identify different leadership styles and reflect on the appropriateness of each to different situations
  • Reflect on their own personal leadership style and its application in different working environmentsto influence and inspire others
  • Consider leadership in context for different organisations (i.e. governance, culture, policies)
  • Actively drive new innovations and ideas for development due to a deeper understanding of the complexities of strategic thinking and evaluation, and the requirements of change management and project management
  • Build upon experience, skills and knowledgedeveloped through engagement with a wide range of experienced professionals

Programme details

The programme utilises different methods of learning including face-to-face and virtual elements. There will be a combination of workshops, webinars, videos, reading and discussions around a variety of topics relating to leadership throughout the programme. 

In addition to the learning opportunities mentioned above, each participant will be involved in two items of work:

  1. Personal development plan - focused predominantly on the relevant areas of the PKSB, the personal development plan will incorporate activities to develop at a personal level and organisational level (this could be a workplace, or a CILIP member network).
  2. Group project work - on behalf of a CILIP member network or CILIP national offices (including England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland), the group project will develop skills to support leadership development as well as enabling experience of leading in a group environment.

Successful applicants

Participants on the programme are:

  • Claire Back, Plymouth Library Services
  • Diane Bell, City University London
  • Emily Bogie, University of Sheffield
  • Kristine Chapman, National Museum Wales
  • Sarah d'Ardenne, Royal Northern School of Music 
  • Barbara Ferramosca, LilianBaylis Technology School 
  • Leon Flower, Swindon Libraries 
  • Katrina Hall, Swansea University 
  • Anne-Lise Harding, South Essex College 
  • Daniel Livesey, Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust 
  • Chris Martindale, University of Derby 
  • Jo Maxwell, Bibliographic Data Services 
  • Kirsten McCormick, Glasgow Libraries 
  • Elly O'Brien, Bazian Ltd 
  • Helen Osborne, Halton Borough Council 
  • Mandy Powell, CILIP 
  • Claire Sewell, Cambridge University Library 
  • Kirsty Thomson, Heriot-Watt University 
  • Helen Woolfries, Brooklands College

Keeping up-to-date

The programme participants will be sharing their learning during the programme - look out for future information in CILIP Update as well as social media updates using the #cilipleadership tag. 

Sponsors and supporters

Many thanks to those who have supported the programme, including CILIP members who have volunteered their time; programme sponsors BDS; and candidate sponsors CILIP Information Literacy Group, CILIP North West Member Network and CILIP South West Member Network. 

Further information

If you would like further information about the CILIP Leadership Programme, please contact Jo Alcock at