Testing CILIP's Subject Interest Headings

To make sure we are ready to implement the General Data Protection Regulations in 2018, we have been reviewing the way we capture data consent. We have also used this as an opportunity to think about the kind of communications members and non-members receive and how we might provide more relevant and personalised content in future.

To deliver this we have been reviewing our internal taxonomies to ensure that we are capturing data systematically across the organisation. This includes a standard way of capturing geographical locations, industry sectors and subject interests.

Our geographical locations and industry sectors are well defined. But before we implement subject interests, we want to test these out.

As you might expect, they are heavily based on the Professional Knowledge and Skills Base. However, when we looked at the high-level subject headings, we found that key topics were buried in the detail (eg Copyright) and that whilst some of the headings work well as the heading of a skill set area, they were not explicit enough to describe an area of professional interest.

We originally aimed for a list of 12-16 headings. We currently have 20 and would not want to increase beyond that.

This survey aims to test the headings and in particular whether those signing up for communications would recognise which subject interest to select if their particular area of interest was not explicit in the headings. For this, we have selected key topics that are currently used as subject headings across the CILIP family but that do not clearly feature in our proposed headings.

This survey should take 5-10 minutes.